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The Challenge

Educate the end consumer about Yamaha WaterCrafts product lines and convey the competitive advantage of owning a Yamaha. Support the Dealers with a sales tool they could use to dazzle the consumer in stores, without having to walk the entire showroom to find that perfect watercraft of choice. Establish a best in category digital strategy as the centerpiece to the brands advertising and bring the on-the-water experience to the palm of their consumers hand.

Our Solution

XTOPOLY devised a multi award-winning digital strategy that includes enterprise and consumer level apps and web properties for Yamaha Watercrafts. With a "no device left behind" and "mobile first" attitude, we set off to create apps for both iOS & Android. From the very smallest smartphone screen size to the larger tablets, we've adapted the same great user experience for all to enjoy.

Core feature sets were created out of business requirements from the start, then we add on highly specialized use cases to meet consumer trends such as comparing two models by side. With each iteration, the application grew in size and robust functionality all while keeping it simple.

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