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The Challenge

SevenMX is a leading motocross apparel brand whose point of differential is innovation and performance of clothing. Our challenge in creating their e-commerce site was to create an e-commerce site that was ‘beyond’ a website, but rather a branded experience.

Our Solution

Create an explosive, socially connected site that visually took the brand to new heights. Using a design concept we dubbed "Beyond the Grid" we brought brought the boldness of the brand to life.

Beyond the Grid is a layout technique that explores breaking elements out of their typical structure, overlapping content, and going Beyond normal boundaries and space. The addition of white space plus grid-breaking visuals cued visitors of the site to continue scrolling and follow a narrative.

We integrated a live Instagram feed of professional riders and created a section specifically for sponsored professional athletes. This section enables fans to browse the athelete's preferred gear, read their bio, and create stronger connections between fans and the athlete. 

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