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The Challenge

Kellogg’s is a worldwide, Fortune 500 cereal and convenience food company. Its vision is “To enrich and delight the world through foods and brands that matter.”

From a global lens, Kellogg's manages a plethora of brands because each brand, for example Frosted Flakes, isn't the same in each country. Kellogg’s has number of design agencies around the world creating and updating landing pages, promotional sites, and brand websites constantly. However, each agency uses their own methodology and approach for User Experience (UX). This in turn creates inconsistencies and sometimes poor user experiences for each brand in each country. Moreover, UX will vary between desktop, tablet and mobile - not only because of the device itself, but because of the way each device is typically used by a consumer.

Our Solution

Our recommended solution was to create a set of UX standards for all Kellogg's agencies to use across the globe when designing websites.

We started with brainstorming, research and ideation as well as conducting a UX Assessment on some of the sites. We focused on the underlying structure, grids, principles, and methods. This provides the foundation for a uniform network of sites, while allowing for diversity in the styling of each brand in each country.

We added overall best-practices and recommendations for UX based on fundamental principles for UX and UI Design. Lastly we added additional guidelines and resources, tailored specifically for Kellogg’s, and created sample videos showing best practices and recommended uses for motion on web.

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