Defining The Digital Agency Needs For Your Brand

March 11, 2016

Are you thinking about partnering with a digital agency? Learn who you should go with based on your brand's needs.

When selecting #digitalagencies - a brand needs to firmly consider a number of reasons why they want to hire an outside firm versus hiring people internally or a combination of both.  Brands need to be fairly confident about their level acceptance for innovation and acceptance of having an outside prospective of their business.  A brand's ability to invest and be transparent will make for a great working relationship no matter what types of agency they end up hiring.

I have first hand experience on the level of difficulty when selecting an agency to work with as partners for your brand.  What I'm attempting to do is compartmentalize the types of Digital Agencies that brands can hire today and where their expertise would apply for the Brand organization:

1. "Hybrid" Creative Digital Strategy + Consulting Firms [Front Office / Internal & External Consumer Facing] - These agencies may start working with a brand on a specific digital ask ('build me a website') but often times expand into digital strategy consultation, new venture ideation, incubation and new ventures for equity. [Examples: Droga5, Huge, XTOPOLY]

2. Technology + Information Technology Consulting Firms [Back Office / Business Ops & Intelligence] - Primarily focused on project based task oriented work, back office systems integration and value added resell of software. [Examples: Technossus, Trace3, Geopac Logic, etc.]

Depending on the life cycle of your brand you may need one or more of the above to help you reach the necessary milestones for your business.  I don't believe there is such a thing as "Full Service" digital agencies because "Digital" is only one part of the overall Marketing + Advertising mix.

This is the reason why many traditional agencies are creating digital teams and also acquiring Digital Agencies to be able to say they can continue to offer "Full Service" to brands.

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