A Service for Startups. Big Brand Level Work and a Partner to Grow With

March 17, 2017

The new service for start-ups where we set up the foundation of all essential digital properties and offer access to an experienced team for all your brand's needs at a cost effective price.


I have been, and am a startup founder. I also advise startups, and more importantly get regular advice from some incredibly amazing and successful entrepreneurs, investors, and CEOs.

I wanted to find a way to support Startups by providing them strategic and polished services by using our agency's nearly 10 years of brand and digital experience with some of the most known brands in the world (e.g. Yamaha, T-Mobile, Pepsi, Kellogg's), all while being a long-term partner helping them grow their companies. 

Welcome to AccessXT

AccessXT is a unique service offering for startups XTOPOLY just launched. AccessXT is a set of core services and integrations with scalable SaaS platforms that will set the foundations for a Startup quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively. Our aim is to take away the stress from Startups of establishing what are core digital tools all companies need, starting with a beautiful responsive website that can be updated easily and is scalable for when your Startup grows.

AccessXT is not simply about creating a beautiful responsive websites. It's about setting-up the digital foundations for your Startup; having you think strategically about digital (versus tactically), bringing you 'big boy agency' level work, and most importantly giving your Startup access to the mindshare, knowledge, and experience of an agency that has worked with some of the most notable brands in the world. Oh, and we'll provide Startups access to our network of successful partners and colleagues across different industries to impart guidance and support one on one, or in an intimate setting. 

The set of digital tools include a CRM, SEO, an Email Marketing platform, Google Analytics integration, a CMS, Lead Generation, Social Media setup, Digital Marketing, and more. These tools are all the digital 'things' Startups know they need but may not have the time, resources, nor experience with structuring. Well, your Startup now has access to an agency that will be your partner, set you up for success, and grow with you along your journey. 

Startups are hard. Let XTOPOLY worry about digital & brand for your Startup while you focus on your business, raising capital, forming a team, and getting some sleep!

Together we can inspire innovation and grow. Visit AccessXT to learn more.

- Naushad Huda


CEO/Founder of the start up I like this grape

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