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The Challenge

T-Mobile experienced an increase in mobile traffic to their website, which was not mobile optimized. They needed a solution to connect with their users and take full advantage of mobile technology while taking into consideration consumer behavior on mobile.

Our Solution

Developed a robust well-organized mobile site for T-Mobile that was on-brand and kept a streamlined experience for the consumer from desktop. The digital property leveraged mobile-behaviors such as swipe and touch to allow users to interact with all content. The mobile site spoke to current and prospective consumers and allowed them to:

• Check their account balances
• View upgrade eligibility 
• Quickly find the nearest location using GPS
• Browse and learn about new devices
• Interact with new devices through media galleries and 360 spins
• Check out latest deals and much more

Personalize the experience and content of the mobile site based on the visitor. During specific promotions throughout the year the mobile site recognizes not only the device type, but also the Carrier of the consumer who is visiting the site. The site messaging and layout adjusts to be personal to the exact user visiting the site, thus creating a memorable and unique experience with T-Mobile.

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