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The Challenge

Friar Tux Shop is a leading suit and tuxedo shop with a rich history. Friar tux has 31 brick and mortar locations where they sell and rent. Friar Tux is looking to break into the digital space more with a differentiated website. They wanted us to create an online user experience tailored for millennials, that would allow them to completely customize and rent a suit or tuxedo online. This site is Stitch & Tie.

Our Solution

Historically, suits and tuxedos are bought at brick and mortar locations due to the custom fitting needed. We set out to make an online experience that is even easier to test out multiple styles and get a perfect fit than going to a physical store. For curated products, we used large product shots at multiple angles, with zoom functionality so users can get the close up view they need to really evaluate a suit. We created a custom tuxedos page where the user can select a base look, and browse accessories to augment their look. Accessories that go well with the jacket are highlighted as recommended products.

The events the users rent suits and tuxedos for create memories, so we wanted to create a site that connects with that experience. We used photography heavily, focusing on the experience, the people, and the emotion. We used large, full width images, with subtle parallax to create an immersive mood. Products are shot with plenty of white space for a classy feel.

We chose a very precise, measured, and structured design for the site, which connects with the suit and tuxedo’s sharp and refined style of clothing.

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