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The Challenge

Naked Juice wanted to collect information of consumers who validated a one-off coupon to educate them about Naked Juice’s corporate responsibility. The business goal was to then segment that data by geographical location and provide opportunities for consumers to further engage with the brand. In addition, the challenge set forth to XTOPOLY was to implement a responsive web solution, tackle development in a .net environment, and focus on the usability of form fields to drive conversion.

Our Solution

Working with our agency partner, The Integer Group, we helped craft the online user experience and interface for multiple responsive web creative campaigns. The first was centered around giving back to a "food desert" community with every coupon redemption and ensuring value was provided to both the brand & business.

The second method to increase engagement was to email those who redeemed a coupon in the previous campaign with the chance to win a brand new car.

Upon taking action, the user was presented with Naked Juice sponsored events, suggested eats, and attractions in a city near them using location services.

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