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The Challenge

DIEM’s founders were having health issues at home - unfortunately, family members had been diagnosed with cancer. Since there wasn’t an existing app that could help their family members cope with the disease, they hired nutritionists and doctors for guidance. This guidance catered towards overall health and wellness, and they realized that this guidance can help everyone, not just cancer patients.

DIEM needed a one of a kind app that provided engaging UX and clean UI in order to encourage and guide its users to embrace daily healthy habits. They also needed a website to both promote the app and host a health and wellness blog.

Our Solution

Drawing inspiration from Buddhist monk’s meditation practices, we rebranded the app (originally called Zing) to DIEM - in reference to its Latin definition “by the day”. The name brings inspiration to what we do daily and encourages the community to embrace daily wellness habits.

We created a look and feel that was simple, modern and clean in order to provide an experience that would be easy to add to a daily routine. The simplicity of the design helps the app appeal to DIEM’s large demographic: everyone who can use an app.

On the DIEM app, we set up an overview of nutrition and exercise so users can clearly see how they’re doing right off the bat. We created a more personal experience by allowing users to enter in health conditions and tailoring their experience accordingly. They can enter in the food they eat throughout the day, and the app will calculate the nutritional information for them. They can also download reports from the app to get a more detailed overview of their health.

On the DIEM website, we promote the app and explain a bit about the company. For the blog, we created a color coded tag system along with plenty of white space to avoid mental fatigue, and create a vibrant but relaxing feel.

Once the app and website were completed, we put together a Social Media Strategy plan that would increase DIEM’s brand awareness. The goal was to let the community know about this new helpful app and also provide useful health information through blog posts. DIEM made a commitment to create weekly blog posts sharing valuable health tips and providing further wellness guidance.

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