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The Challenge

Bottlenose is a B2B big data intelligence company funded by KPMG. Their flagship product, Nerve Center, provides real-time insights through streams of public and private data to consumer brands across Automotive, CPG, and Wireless. The insights and analysis from Nerve Center provide brands real time information which they can act on immediately. For example, Nerve Center can tell a CPG brand that there is a high concentration of flu in the Northeast today, enabling them to immediatly shift marketing dollars to that region promoting their flu products.

Bottlenose needed a new website with a smart UX and beautiful UI to promote their thought leadership, drive leads, and promote their technology to Fortune 100 companies.

Our Solution

The client suspected the primary user for the site to be C-Suite executives. However, after research and discovery through our Experiences Workshop we discovered that although C-Suite is signing the check to license Nerve Center, the diligence and research when choosing Bottlenose over competitors was being conducted by Directors and Managers.

These Directors and Managers will likely use a spreadsheet and compare a list of common features from company to company - thus our site's primary consumer is a Director or Manager. The hierarchy of the content, the visuals of the site, and overall UX must target them. For example, the menu is designed to maintain visual hierarchy and avoid overwhelming the user, while allowing them to see a bird’s eye view of the site’s content and get exactly where they need to go in 1 click.

Throughout the site we used plenty of white space to keep the site clean and legible. For the hero section we designed and custom developed a 3D animated data node graphic. Data nodes are the typical graphic for big data companies, so combining them with cutting-edge web techniques visually communicates both the purpose, and cutting-edge nature of Bottlenose

The mobile version of the site uses an industry first 2-tier menu navigation using both icons and text while being optimized for speed for those busy Directors and Managers!

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